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How To Recover Unsaved Document In Libreoffice [Ubuntu]

Want to Recover Unsaved document In Libreoffice? You can recovered libreoffice file in two ways.once Libreoffice provides default facility to recover your unsaved document it shows when you start the machine after shut down or any other electric issue. Must Do :- Things You Should Do Before Use Libreoffice [Linux] but second one is the great option we can find over libreoffice file in […]

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Top Free best url shorteners

A Term of URL Means Uniform Resource Locator used for Searching File,Pages and Document on the world wild web.On Internet all Website and that Related every web Page has its own unique Address which can be seen  Your Browser address Bar. URL Service is actually work on Long web address to Short web address and we […]

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How To Remove Password From Memory Card?

Micro Sd Cards are Drastic Space Saving Memory Devices and Which are broadly used In Day By Day. Plentiful People Create Password on their Memory Card For Securing their data to other Person but In Some time People can forgot their password and that time they can not access to memory card. When You Insert Your Memory […]