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Have any difficulties with site or blog promotion?
One of the fastest ways to get yourself out of the trouble is to purchase a
domain that already has positions in Google and decent traffic volumes.
You need only to move your content to this domain. No initial spending on SEO,
the price for amazing offers starts at $12. To good to be true? Well, it was hard to
find an appropriate domain before, but now the process of searching
an appropriate domain name has been greatly facilitated due to the SkimDaddy
a specially created tool for GoDaddy auctions. Its free trial period covers twice the time you need to get yourself an awesome domain with high traffic volumes and a large audience of visitors.

What is the need to buy an existing domain?

In order to have a successful business and to make money on the Internet, you need the trust of potential clients.
Of course, the first step you have to take is to create a quality site that contains no errors and has a fantastic design.
But it seems that something is missing. Haven’t you forgotten about a good looking domain name and search engine rankings?

Typing a domain name into an address bar

Domain name is literally the name of your business. It is the path to a site that can provide insights on the company’s activity; attract or distract its future clients. And, of course, it has to be unique and easy-to-remember. One may be quite naive to think that there is nothing easier than to invent him/herself a beautiful site name. But this is precisely where all the fun begins!
Just remember how you were trying to select yourself a beautiful and laconic name once when registering on this or that forum, mail, etc. However, it turned that the name you like was already taken by someone. You didn’t give up, as it is impossible to broke you so easily, and resorted to using dashes, underscores, numbers and who knows what else! As a result, you got something like Robert.robert_2015. And despite the fact that you wanted so much to be original, you were forced to “create” being in the rigid frames. Things are going exactly the same way when it comes to choosing an appropriate domain name. Yes, the life is unfair and if you want to have a cool name, the simplest way is to buy it!

But don’t let it upset you. You will not throw money down the drain, on the contrary, you’ll spend it
very wisely and in the long run even save it. When buying a domain, you don’t buy just a bare name. You can
also buy a live website residing on a particular domain name! Just choose the right site with real traffic,
decent positions in Google SERP, relevant keywords, backlinks, and a certain age. The last, by the way, is a very important
point as young sites tend to rank very poorly in Google. And now you have little left to do – use skillfully the 301-redirect
if you want to migrate your site to another domain (we will speak about it below) and the trick is done. Now relax and forget
entirely about all that long, boring and expensive SEO campaigns needed to get ranks on Google for the newly registered web entities.
Choosing a right domain

Basic tips how to choose the right domain:

  • When choosing a domain zone you should take into account the site category and geographic location.
  • Before buying an existing domain, analyze it. And even if you have no idea what SEO is, there is, thank God, SkimDaddy and other tools to help you! Otherwise, you are risking to buy a domain, which will bring your business more harm than good.
  • The domain name length should not exceed 63 symbols. Remember, the shorter name you’ll get, the better. It is faster and easier to remember a laconic name than that which takes a half of the page.
  • Avoid names with a hyphen. Of course, it’s not a crime to use it. And frankly speaking, search engines recognise and separate words located on both sides of the hyphen. However, for users, it is much harder to remember and then write hyphenated names. It is up to you.
  • Domain name should speak to users. It has to convey the site theme, at least partially. A user should clearly associate a domain name with a particular site.
  • If you have a brand, include it in the name. And correspondingly never mention someone else’s brand in the name.
  • If it’s relevant, use numbers. For example, something like Mealdelivery24 clearly shows that you provide your services 24 hours a day.
  • You have to choose a name that is really relevant to your site. Otherwise, if your name misleads visitors, initially you’ll get some traffic, but then you will pay for this with a high bounce rate.
  • Exclude the very possibility for your clients to make a spelling error. It means that if there is even the slightest chance to confuse letters in your domain name, it will certainly happen. Unfortunately, the statistics proves – the more complicated name you have, the more difficult for users to enter it correctly.
  • Try to choose such name that is easy to write by ear. For instance, 4upacabra_10 may play a bad trick with you.
  • Avoid using abbreviations. Not everybody is able to remember them.
  • And of course, your name has to be eye-catching and unique.

The mentioned above tips are not a dogma. However, following them you may definitely avoid many problems in the future.

Auction in action

Domain names auctions. What all the fuss is about?

Creating a new site from scratch is not an easy task for everybody who is
inexperienced in this field. You have to know that before your site starts attracting at least a few visitors per day,
much of work needs to be done. First of all, you have to invest a significant sum of money, launch several SEO campaigns
and only after that you may hope that your web portal gets into the Google Top 10. But nobody can guarantee you success.
Moreover, not everybody can afford the luxury of waiting for a long time. And what’s the point in all of these if it is possible
to get all that you want instantly. Please, love and favour, domain names auctions!

Such platforms help domain name registrars to find those who want to buy a domain. The last to offer the best prices wins a deal. In turn, expired domains are a great opportunity to promote any existing site. Generally, such sites were successful for many years running, had good traffic, backlinks, Google positions. An expired domain of previously profitable site, an owner of which for whatever reason hasn’t extended the registration period, still resides in the net, but may not be accessible.

And no doubts that one of the most famous auctions that needs no introduction is GoDaddy! Founded in 1997 it currently is the largest registrar of domain names indeed. In respect of its extensive experience and the quantity of domains offered for a bid, no other auction in the world can be compared with.

Types of auctions offered by GoDaddy:

Buy now – for those who want to purchase a domain name already today. It is possible if a domain you find interesting is provided with the “Buy now” button. In such case simply click on it and make the purchase.

Expired domains auctions – offer your own price for a domain name. If your bid is the best, at the end of the auction you’ll become its happy owner.

Offer/Counter offer – once you have decided on the bid you are going to offer, GoDaddy immediately informs the seller and he/she whether accepts it or makes a counter offer.

7-day public auction – seller put a minimum price and bidders offer their prices in ascending order. When the time runs out, the bidder offering the highest price wins.

Private auctions – such type of auction is possible when buyer and seller want to organise a private sale. In such case they contact customer support to agree upon further details.


How expired domains get to the auction?

As we have already mentioned briefly, the previous domain owners haven’t extended its registration for this or that reason. During the so-called Redemption Grace Period, GoDaddy can use the opportunity to put such domain on auction and in future extend it for an auction winner. Otherwise, the domain will get Pending Delete Status and will be deleted from the list of registered entities in 5 days. The main advantage of acquiring an expired domain is that its age and other SEO parameters are not reset.

How to become a participant of the auction?

To participate in the auction and make bids on domains from the offered list, you need to register on the GoDaddy site and pay for annual membership (via credit card or PayPal). After that go to the auction tab, find the exact domain you need and start bidding. Always keep in mind that each auction has its own end time, don’t hesitate too long.

Here comes SkimDaddy

It can happen so, that finding this or that domain at the GoDaddy auction can turn into challenging and time-consuming task and even into a real catastrophe for inexperienced users. For this reason a unique versatile tool – SkimDaddy was developed by a team of enthusiasts. Simply install it to your browser and you will always keep abreast of what is going on the market of domain names.

By using the tool’s Basic and Advanced filters you will be able to sort domains according to their SERP positions, name, Axena rank, etc. Also, there is an option to search by indicating a bid range, domain zone or their age. Convenient filters provide virtually any information about each domain such as traffic, keywords list, price, as well as when the auction time comes to an end. If needed, you can easily find domains that rank well for specific keywords in Google search results. In one word, just a click and all the necessary information is plain to see.

SkimDaddy filters

Jusk click the filters you like and get fantastic results. Enjoy complete SEO transparency and learn every detail of the domains your like.

Domain listing

Now you can track:

  • Number of keywords in Google 10
  • Domains daily traffic
  • Initial price to open the bid
  • Alexa rank. Remember that in Alexa, the lower the figure is, the bigger traffic the site has!
  • The number of bidders interested
  • Domain age
  • A number of symbols each name has
  • The time when an auction is coming to an end

But there is more to come. It you find some domains interesting, there is no need to memorize their names. Just mark them as favourite and you’ll be always able to find them in the Favourites section. Moreover, the extension will automatically inform you about the end time of a particular auction.

Marking domains as the favorites

After you have finally identified your favorite domains, go to the Godaddy Settings and subscribe to the push-messages. Now, you will get emails notifying you about the end of the auction. Note, this option is available only for Favourites!

Activating push-messages in SkimDaddy

Do not hurry to leave the Settings. As they offer one more very useful option – to translate keywords into any language you want. We mean it! Starting from Afrikaans and ending with Zulu! Maybe it is exactly what you need to get the whole picture .

Keywords translations into language

Clicking on the site name from the sorting list, you will get even more information about AdWords traffic for keywords, daily Google traffic, price and number of bidders interested in it. Besides, you will be provided with the entire list of keywords the domain is being ranked for.

Domain info provided by SkimDaddy

Besides all the functions mentioned above. SkimDaddy extension adds automatically some useful information directly to the GoDaddy webpages. For instance, you can see the dynamics of daily traffic for this or that site as well as changes in rankings on Google Top.

Daily Google traffic for any domain listed on the auctions
Dynamics of keywords ranking on the first 10 pages of the Google

And the most wonderful news we are going to reveal at the very end – The tool offers absolutely free 14-day trial period for all doubters. That’s what makes this browser extension really cool!

Saving website layout when moving to a new domain

Moving your website to a new domain with 301 redirect

In general sense, a redirect is a technique to move visitors and search engines to another web page with the different URL that the one they have requested.
301 redirect, in turn, is a permanent redirect that is able to save and transmit up to 99% of link juice. By means of this redirect, search bots and users are redirected to the new address, at the same time all the properties of the old web page are transferred to the new URL. To put it simply, it is the redirect from one URL to another. For instance, your site has the following address www.oldcats.com. However, for any reason, you want to redirect your visitors to its new version www.supercats.com. In such case, your must is to use 301 permanent redirect to move them from an old URL to the URL you want. After that, when entering www.oldcats.com, visitors will be automatically redirected to www.supercats.com. That’s tricky, isn’t it?! It worth repeating that this technique is used only for permanent redirection when every single page of the old site leads to the exact copy of the newly bought/created one.

Cases that require 301 redirect :

  • Migrating to another domain (that is our case!).
  • Avoiding duplicate content in case you have www and non-www page versions.
  • When combining two sites.
  • Redesigning your site.

In the course of this article, we are not going to describe the very process of 301-redirect implementation. The only thing you have to know is that to set up it, you need to have access to the server files. And depending on the task at hand there are different ways to implement the redirect: completely redirect the entire site with all its pages, redirect only one page or redirect a number of pages to different URLs. In any case, there are plenty of instructions on the Web, please use your favorite search engine to find the one you need.

Make it simple

They say that one should not take the easy way, especially in SEO. But what if they are wrong? It seems that the developers of the SkimDaddy tool set themselves a goal to debunk this old-fashioned misconception. And now, we can enjoy the fruits of their work. Buying a domain name with a certain reputation has become easier than ever. This means that you do not have to fight for the leading positions in Google anymore, but simply enjoy the results of SEO efforts that made a previous domain owner!

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