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How To Install .sh File In Linux[Ubuntu]

Linux is a Second most using Operating system after Windows but due to complicated menus they can’t get more success in market.however there are so many bugs and advantages of Linux but i hate it’s installation process.

In Windows we can download any software easily and after that easy installation process with using double click.

How To Install .sh File In Linux

But R you Know Linux Not Provide Such types of facility’s so how we install software in Linux operation system.

Mostly Software files has .sh Extension so Read this short tutorials for better use.

They are mainly two ways to Install .sh Files In Linux let’s see….

1) Using Terminal Command

In this method we used Terminal for Install .sh File.

How To Install .Sh File In Linux[Ubuntu]
  • Paste Your  (It Does’t metter Whats Your File name hear)File In Desktop.
  • After that Open Terminal Using CTRL+ T Command.
  • Root with Your id and password.
  • You’r Directly going into Home Drive.
  • Open Desktop With Using cd Desktop Command.
  • Write ./ command with File Name so Your command Looks Like
  • ./  and Hit Your Enter Key.

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2) Set Property’s  

It’s Second Way to install .sh Files In Linux but it is very easy you can only fix Property’s of Files and Done.
  • Put’s Your File In Desktop.
  • Select File and Set Property’s with using Right click of mouse.
  • Click On Allow Executing File as program [Follow Below Image For better Use]
  • After You show Four Option in Your screen but Click on Run Or Run In Terminal.
  • It’s Done Installation Process Started.


So In this Little tutorial we show about how to install .sh File in Linux System there are two ways to install .sh File but i generally used Terminal Method because it’s safe and easily run on our Computers.if you have any trouble when install any software then Paste Your query and Feedback in Below Comment Box and Subscribe our Mailing Service For Free Updates. 

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