Protect Your Facebook Account From Hackers 2015

There are Lots of way to Hack Facebook Account.

Every Facebook user stored many personal information on facebook and that would cause calamity,if they went Public.

Their are some free software available which Provides a security like Keyloggers.

Consequently hear are some basic steps will kept Your facebook account more secure.  

Enable Secure Browsing

  • Go To Account Setting
  • Choosing Security Tab ( Right Side menu second option)
  • Click On Secure Browsing ( Follow Below Image)
  • Tick mark on below Check Box which are given on secure browsing option Now Facebook will open as https://facebook.com On Your Browser.

Enable email and sms Notification

This is a best way to Avert People From Thieving.whenever you open your Facebook account every time Facebook send mail or send sms on your given mobile number.
  • Go To Setting >> Security >> Login Alert >> Edit >> Enter the Detail and Save Setting.
  • After Go to Account Setting 
  • Choosing Security Tab ( Right Side menu second option)
  • Go to Login Notifications
  • Tick mark on below Check Box which are given on Login Notifications option
  • Now You will get SMS and Email Notification when each and someone login to your Facebook Account.

Use private Browser 

It is a safe or better way to use private browser as you are working at home or office because some time multi user can work on same computer Best Example :- Cybet cafe.
Private browser will not store your username or password or any other information like history.if you close windows directly than don’t worry because it close automatically.

Security Password

Set up a Good security Question which not belongs to your Personal Detail which is not easy to guess.Not even Your close friend and neighbours.

In many case Your friend or neighbours can know your detail then they change security question and after when they login they click on forget password link by using security question they can login without knowing your password.

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