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Six Best Way to Create a Strong Password

Six Best Way to Create a Strong Password

Choosing more Secure passwords will help Keep your identity Safe on the internet. But the Traditional Passwords Are No Longer Safe. So, the only solution of this problem 

Is make a Modern password.

In which, the most important aspect of a password is actually length : longer password 

is harder to crack than a really convoluted short one. So, here is the main thing is how you will make strong password.

Steps Of How To Make A Strong Password

1) Arranged Random Sequence 


Example : My first office was on A.V Road.


Example :  My friends are Kunal, Jaynish, Yagna    


2) Add Numbers in Your Password


Example : Add friends Age at the end of the password  “kunjayyag222321”

Example : Add your office number “officeonavroad108”

3) Use Special Characters


Example : “kunjayyag_222321”


4) Use Upper and Lowercase Letters

Ex : “KunJayYag_222321”


5) Don’t Use Same Password Everywhere


    Use Different passwords for each of your account like Facebook, Gmail/Yahoo, Bank 
     account and so on…..

6) Don’t Use Your Personal Information

Never contain your personal Information In Your Password Like Your Name/Surname, Your Birth date.


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