How To Block Game Requests On Facebook

How To Block Game Requests On Facebook
Are You tried for Continuously Play Request of Candy Cruse Saga?
When Your Friend invites you to play a game on Facebook , you get Pinged in notification area.It’s Quite easy to block Particular game request on Facebook account.

When People getting More and More Game Request or Application Request Daily that time we often offended to our Friends or Colleague.

We all Know Facebook is one of the Biggest social Networking website Moreever its become over necessary.

Step’s To Block Game Requests On Facebook

  • Mouse over the setting area of Facebook ( as show below ) and click on setting Option.
  • After that You show various menu in you Facebook Right Desk.
  • Click On Blocking Option and go to Block app Setting.
  • After that You show Block apps Box on Your screen, Write App name in text box which game Request you want to block.
  • In above screen shot I blocked Candy Crush Saga Game Friend request On Facebook Because my many Friends Send me Friend request in a Routine life so i blocked this app.


It is Quite Easy to stop geting game request on facebook.Nowadays facebook is so conscious about that and facebook started many ways to block request which getting by app,user and friends.You can block your friend who send more game request on day. you can also block Perticular events inviters and App Inviters.

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