Why Blogger Is Better Platform to Other?

What Is Blogger?

Blogger is a Blog Publishing Service which is Owned By Google Inc In 2003.It Is Provide Free Blogging Service and allow Multi User Blogs.Blogger gives a Full Control to Manage and Run your blog easily.Blogger Provide some tools and Template to user So you can useful and you can create 100 Blog In One account but they Provide Domain Name.

Which is best blogger or wordpress?


Features Of Blogger?

1)  Login With Google Account is a Part Of Google and It is Connected to Gmail Account So You can Simply Login With Google Account.

However,You Need First Make Gmail Account then You can Easily Make your Blog.

2) No Need For Codding

Blogger Provide Free Template For User so It Is Easy For Non technical Person as well as New bites to Easily Understand and manage Blogs.But you need basic Html Knowlege for enovative Coding.

3) Mobile Friendly

Blogger launched Mobile application For User with Mobile Device.You can edit and post any articals to using with mobile.In Now days Smartphone being consider but Before smartphone It is Possible to post via Mobile by SMS Or MMS.

4) Provide Widget Code So Easily Manage

Blogger has also Provide widget Facility For Blogger User to Use with You can Add widget on your blog which you can need.

For Non Technical Person Can Manage Blog easily and In them Not Need For Technical Languages But You can Changes In them and Make Look Decent to other then You Need some Basic Html Concept.

5) Backup Store In Google

As You Know blogger has a Part of the world largest Internet company In the World. As Blogger has thousand of servers and They manage it For Country wise you are User Of United Status then Your blog Domain has been as well as Blogger Directly Hosted in under of Google servers So It is More secure platform for Built a Blog.

6) Stats

You can check Your blog visitors and Page views Information with the use of stats Page However You can check which Operating system you have use, which browser to have come and also Know country stats as well as you can see how many page viewers you got in day,week and Month and where your visitors are coming to your blog. 

7) Multi User Management

In Blogger ,  More than one admin should use Blog and blogger provide add author facility for user Friendly Menu.

8) Provide Form Facility

Blogger can also provide Form Facility For User to solve Problems and User connected with each other.

9) Earning with Adsense

Well , As You Know Adsense Is a Google’s Product So In Blogger You can Easily Make Money with Adsense you need write Some Beautiful post with Great Contain.

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In this post We will mension all Features of you know blogger is a good platform ever for new building blog as you know In blogging industry why most blogger choose blogging plateform for building b’coz it’s Free,secure and equipped with all features and tools have blogger need.

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