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How you can avoid people using your wifi network?

How you can avoid people using your wifi network?

In this time many people told my WiFi might indicate some buddy using it from outsider. may be Your Neighbors or it’s your Friends.

Your WiFi router is ceaseless winking and they send LED Data so You can not block WiFi single to reaching to other house but you are able to avert WiFi to access other people.

# Secure WiFi Name

How to Avert People from Thieving your WiFi Network

It is the best idea to avoid the people from connecting to WiFI Network. You can change your WiFi name and make it be decent. In above Image i can make my WiFi Or SSID Name  Autorun.exe , As you know Autorun is a dangerous Virus You can make your name with Police,Virus, Error occur, F**k and Network Not available.

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# Setup Password 

In your router first set up WiFi Security mode with use of admin Dashboard. You can set up WPA, WPA2, WEP and Manual Now People can not access WiFi without Permission they should have WiFi Password for accessing Your WiFi Internet.

# Use MAC Addressing Filtering

In Every Gadget have a unique MAC Address so if you are using Laptop, Tablet,phone,computer or Ipad set up all MAC Addressing. Go to your WiFi routor Dashboard then Wireless MAC Filtering section and add your all gudgets MAC Addresses so only they gudgets have a permission to access Internet.

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